Friday, September 16, 2011

8 Oddest New Guinness World Records

If you need a few new pieces of trivia to fling around the water cooler, we hope you like to talk about hair and pets. When it comes to deciphering some of the strangest new world records found in the Guinness World Records 2012 edition, released today, the size of everything from cats to afros to tongues has made the book. And the best part? Guinness has pictures to prove it all.
Longest Tongue (Female)
Chanel Tapper from Los Angeles boasts a tongue 3.8 inches long from tip to the top lip. Shockingly, that’s not the longest tongue in the world (that title goes to Stephen Taylor from the United Kingdom at 3.96 inches), simply the longest tongue for a female. You really don’t know how long a nearly four-inch tongue is until you see the picture. Then you’re still a little puzzled by the entire deal.
Longest Tongue Oddest New Guinness World Records
Most Dogs Skipping on the Same Rope
We understood the longest tongue challenge. But this one was a bit different. We simply struggle to picture someone sitting around chatting with a friend, saying, “You know, I bet my dog could skip rope … with 12 of his buddies.” While the conversation might not have happened, the skipping of rope by 13 dogs sure did when Uchida Geinousha’s “Super Wan Wan Circus” did so in Tochigi, Japan, for a television show. We wonder how many dog treats were needed to make that happen.
Most Dogs Skipping on the Same Rope Oddest New Guinness World Records
Tallest Man
While the title of tallest man goes to Sultan Kösen, you might as well just hand over the title of tallest person in the world, male or female. Kösen, from Anakara, Turkey, was born Dec. 10, 1982, and measures 8’3″. Guinness says he was measured in February 2011, so hopefully—for his sake—that means he has stopped growing.
Tallest Man Oddest New Guinness World Records
Largest Violin
We’ve certainly heard of tiny violins, but the Vogtland masters of violin- and bow-making in Germany decided to go the other direction and build one seven times the size of an average instrument at 14 feet long and over four feet wide. It takes a 17-foot bow to play, which requires two people to man while another person works the strings.
Largest Violin Oddest New Guinness World Records
Shortest Cat
This cat is only 6 inches tall, from floor to shoulder. Owned by Tiffani Kjeldergaard of San Diego, Fizz Girl is a 2-year-old that we can only hope has a massive jumping ability if she hopes to climb up on any furniture and wreak havoc in the house.
Shortest Cat Oddest New Guinness World Records
Longest Beard on a Living Person (Male)
Okay, we don’t know why this category adds in the disclaimer “on a living person.” And we certainly don’t want to know why “male” was a warranted second disclaimer. But it does set the bar super high—or long—with a 7’9″ beard grown by Sarwan Singh of Canada, who showed off the twisty mass of mustache in Rome to capture the record.
Longest Beard on a Living Person Oddest New Guinness World Records
Dog With the Longest Ears
Can you tell which ear is longer? The left ear measures 12.25 inches, but that has nothing on the right ear, coming in at 13.5 inches, totaling the longest ears for a dog. Harbor, a black and tan coonhound owned by Jennifer Wert of Colorado, is 8 years old and weighs nearly 90 pounds. The breed is well known for its droopy ears used to pick up scents from the ground. Maybe, like human men, his ears will get bigger with age.
Dog With the Longest Ears Oddest New Guinness World Records
Largest Afro
We know, the first question you have: How do you wash that thing? Aevin Dugas of New Orleans trims her record-breaking ‘fro two or three times a year and uses up to five conditioners at once when she washes it. When measured in October 2010, she set the record with an afro circumference of 4-4. Wrap your head around that.

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