Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Six Totally Bizarre Tourist Destinations

Previously, Lilomag posted a lot of beautiful tourist destinations which make you feel so relax and desperate to visit it. But now let’s try something different! But the places below are more like going to adventure rather than vacation. Let’s check it out!

1 ) Dead Vlei, Namibia
In the middle of the Namib-Naukluft National Park in the central Namibian desert lies the dead marshes of Sossusvlei. Surrounded by 1000 feet high sand dunes and the skeleton of 9000-year-old trees, the Dead Vlei is a spectacular and eerie tourist attraction. Thousands of years ago the area was overflowing with the waters of the Tsauchab River, ebbing and flowing, creating patterned clay pan crusts and shallow pools for the trees to flourish. However, severe drought struck the region that dried up the riverbed and killed the trees, creating a blackened, withered graveyard where a wide-expanse of verdant land once stood.

2 ) Ice Aquarium, Japan
The Kori no Suizokukan (Ice Aquarium) in Kesennuma, northeastern Japan, packs about 450 specimens of marine life frozen in large columns of ice bathed in blue light. Some 80 species, including saury, octopuses, crabs, and skipjack, are preserved in lifelike poses. They seem to be swimming in ice.  Opened in 2002 in the Uminoichi seafood market, the Ice Aquarium uses flash-freezing technology to preserve fresh fish unloaded in Kesennuma’s port on the Pacific Ocean. Inside, the ambient air is a cool minus 5 degrees F (minus 20 C), and guests have to don parkas to keep warm. There’s also a hunk of Antarctic ice on display.
Fish aren’t the only thing put on ice in Kesennuma. Local refrigeration firm Okamoto Seihyo specializes in what it calls “ice art” and can freeze everything from salmon to bottles of sake and action figures to flowers–a Mother’s Day bouquet goes for about $46. These are all presented in cylinders of ice that are given as gifts. If you’re the receiver, you’ll need plenty of patience.

3 ) San Pedro Prison, Bolivia
The San Pedro prison tour in La Paz, Bolivia is illegal and always has been. Nonetheless, hundreds, possibly thousands of tourists have taken this tour. Thanks to the irresponsible actions of prison staff and foreigners alike, in March 2009 there was a mutiny at the San Pedro Prison which resulted in injured inmates and visiting family members, as well as 150 children who live at the prison with their incarcerated parents, most of whom were tear-gassed. So let’s back up and let me tell you what I know about the San Pedro prison in La Paz from my own personal experience and then I’ll give you a run down of the events that led up to this mutiny and what’s happened since.

4 ) Pripyat, Ukraine
The world’s most catastrophic nuclear accident took place at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine on the 26th of April 1986. Today the area still remains radioactive and there is a 30 kilometer zone (known as the “Exclusion Zone” or “Zone of Alienation”) that surrounds this Soviet nuclear power station where few venture inside. Taken in April of 2010 by Michael Larabel is a collection of high-resolution photographs from the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster Site, Pripyat, Red Forest, and the surrounding areas within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone showing what it looks like twenty-four years after this horrific nuclear event.

5 ) Bubblegum Alley, California
In downtown San Luis Obispo, California, tourists are flock to the disgustingly intriguing Bubblegum Alley. True to its name, the 15-foot high, 70-foot long alley is covered with chewed gum, and is thought to have begun as a competition between two rival high schools. The wall was cleaned twice in the 70s for being unsanitary, but has escaped any further cleaning, and stands today as an alluring tourist attraction.

6 ) Catacombs of Paris, France
Prior to 1810 the Paris catacombs were known as Paris’ Montrouge stone quarries. As with any large city graveyards began to quickly run out of burial space thus an alternative means of disposing of bodies was necessary. Here you can now walk within a maze of the Paris underground tunnels complete with storage alcoves which go up at least 20 feet and contain millions of bones. The various sides of these bone piles possess designs which have been arranged with the skulls in a sort of pattern.
Existing twenty meters underground one can find over 6 million former residents of Paris on exhibit. Among these bones of the deceased are many illustrated texts which create a macabre atmosphere while describe countless chilling events in the chronicles of Paris. It is here that several Hollywood movies have taken their cue and novels abound concerning the essence of the catacombs. During the 2nd World War this series of underground caves were exploited as hideaways for members of the French Resistance movement. With its large area of coverage and its secretive entrances these catacombs proved to be an immense benefit.
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