Friday, October 7, 2011

Exotic Art of Leaf Carving

Leaf Carving:
It is an art of manual removing the surface of a leaf. In this process the artists remove without cutting of veins. It is a very complicated and difficult work to produce some animations on the leaf.
This art derived from china. The artists of china make different, nice and delightful pictures by using this wonderful art. Mostly they use leaf of a Chinar tree because that leaf is bigger in size then others and also have a good shape.
You can make this leaf by using a complete process like the leaf blade forms a permanent pigment. After that, use an anti aging treatment which helps the leaves in durability. After the complete process the leaf looks strong, natural and wondrous, and also use for great gift for your love ones.

Amazing Leaf Carving  Artwork
Leaf Carving Artwork  babies
Leaf Carving Artwork Birds
Leaf Carving Artwork camels
Leaf Carving Artwork  picture of a women 5
Most  Beautiful  Leaf Carving  Artwork 6
Leaf Carving Artwork Art 8
Leaf Carving Artwork baby  running 9

Leaf Carving Artwork childern 11

Beautiful Art Leaf Carrving 13
Delightful  Leaf carving Art 14
Leaf Carving Artwork Man Standing 15

Leaf Carving Artwork beautiful 19

Leaf Carving Artwork 21

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