Friday, October 7, 2011

The Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taiwan

This is not really a joke because such restaurant exists in Taiwan. The theme of this restaurant is Bathroom. Eating here is a very extraordinary and interesting experience to say the least. You will never imagine two wholly extreme things can link together.
Each person dining here sits on a toilet. The tables have glass tops with sinks underneath them. The food is served in mini toilet bowls, and the drinks are served in plastic urinals. The soft serve chocolate ice cream, a’la poop style, is the bonus at the end.
According to their website Modern Toilet “It all started when one of us was reading the manga, Dr. Slump on the toilet – and the rest is history. In the beginning, we mainly sold ice cream – a big pile of chocolate ice cream sold in containers shaped like a squat toilet. This humorous spin became a great success.After much planning from all of our partners, we finally took the first step towards realizing our dreams in May 2004 with the launch of the “Marton Restaurant”.”

Subtitle: This is an interesting restaurant in Taiwan, the theme of this restaurant is toilet, not only the tables and seats are stools and sinks, the bowls and plates are in toilet shape as well.

Do you think it’s weird that eating with toilet?
Girl: No, it is really special. If you want to have a special meal, this restaurant is one of your choices.
And the interesting part of it is that there are already 12 Modern Toilet restaurants in Taiwan, and internationally in Hong Kong and Japan too. I will never eat in such restaurant but yes visiting such place would be a fun for sure.
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