Thursday, October 6, 2011

Playing With The Moon In Photos

These pictures taken by amateur astronomer turned photographer Laurent Laveder show people painting, throwing, catching and bouncing the moon. Combining his love for astronomy and photography, physics graduate Laurent created the collection called "Moon Games" on a beach near his home in France.

Laurent said he created the photographs with the help of his girlfriend Sabine, who is the subject in many of his images. He said: "Sabine and I came up with the idea five years ago and have been creating different images with the moon ever since. A lot of the images are taken at night, when there is a full moon rising, others are taken at dawn, when the moon is setting and the sun is rising. Before we take each series, we brainstorm together and draw images to show how we would like each character to play with the moon. It's important to plan the project, because once you're in front of the moon, it rises so quickly and you only have one chance to get the shots you want."

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