Friday, October 14, 2011

Weird Cars Around The World.

Weird Cars Around The World.

 These are very unusual cars. And very funny because the owners themselves were working on their styles. Take a look and you will understand everything.

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Barbie Dolly

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  1. I've seen Pokemon-inspired cars before. There's the Pika-car, the Car-mander, and the PlyMeowth among others. No kidding! Let the Japanese create these weird and exceptional cars just for the fun of it! They're very good at it, after all.

    Carson Wininger

  2. If I am to pick my top three favorite, my third placer would be the Pink Hello Kitty car, simply because I love Hello Kitty. My second placer will be the car on the 11th photo because I love its elegance and very unique form. Finally, my first placer would be the very, very petite car on the third photo. =) Its cuteness is outstanding, and its size is very attractive. I just wish I could drive that little thing!

    Junior Perrera


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